Baker's couche

What is baker’s couche ?

Baker’s couche is used in the proofing step in which bread dough is left to stand before baking. It is made from 100% natural linen and has not undergone any treatment.

It has the following characteristics :

- 100% pure linen, natural untreated fibre, does not contain any man-made fibres
- Approximately 400 gsm
- Cut-pile, calendered cloth
- Quick drying
- Available in rolls
- Possible personalisation of your proofing cloth with a central woven inscription
This bakery cloth is also suitable for making organic bread; it has not undergone any treatment and is made of 100% pure linen. You can also leave pizza dough to stand on this linen cloth.

Baker’s couche Roll

The various baker’s couche models

The baker's linen cloth is available in various sizes:

Sections of approximately 2.2 yards (20 meters) on rolls :
This classic model is the most frequently ordered. The widths available are as follows: 23.5, 25.5, 28, 29.5, 31.5 inch. (40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 cm)
The professional quality of our bakery cloth allows for everyday use. The rolls are in stock and ready for prompt delivery.

Tailor-made baker’s couche :
The tailor-made bakery cloth is made on request as per your dimensions. They have a 0.40 inch. hem (1 cm) at each end (on the overall width).
Provide us with the measurements of your grids or wooden boards and we will provide linen cloth adapted to your needs and to your bakery equipment.

Tailor made Baker’s couche

"Automatic" baker’s couche :
The automatic proofing cloth has two 1 inch. hems (2.5 cm) at each end with a 0.2 inch. overlock (0.5 cm). Each hem is sewn with thread.
The outer side of the hem has a 0.15 inch. diameter (0.4 cm) hemp twine tied to it for easier handling during use.
This allows for quick and easy oven loading, less handling and time saving.
The width of the automatic cloth is determined by the width of the oven loading belt metal frame. The available dimensions are as follows:
23 x 66 inch. 59 x 168 cm
27 x 66 inch. 69 x 168 cm
29 x 66 inch. 74 x 168 cm
23 x 64 inch. 59 x 163/164 cm
27 x 64 inch. 69 x 163/164 cm
29 x 64 inch. 74 x 163/164 cm
We can provide other cloth dimensions tailored to your needs.

Automatic Baker’s couche

How should I maintain my baker’s couche ?

This fabric is designed for bakery professionals. Washing the proofing cloth with water is not recommended. Dry brushing will be sufficient to remove any flour or dough deposits. To make the best use of your time, when using this proofing cloth, we advise drying the cloth after use. This will also avoid mould formation (We don't sell cloth dryers).

Tissage DEREN, the specialist in proofing cloth

Our baker's cloth is easily recognisable by its red double-lined border. This way, you can be sure you have purchased our cloth.

- Prompt delivery
- A responsive sales service
- Professional quality at the best price
Tissage Deren is the French specialist in proofing cloth and ensures a level of quality in line with intensive professional use. Contact us for a solution adapted to your needs at the lowest cost.
Conditions : The minimum order is 273 yards (250 meters) of cloth.
Payment can be made by credit card.
The rolls are in stock and ready for prompt delivery. Deliveries are available worldwide

For any further information or a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. So that we may answer your questions to the best of our ability, please contact us by e-mail indicating your full contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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