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About us

Located in Barentin, in the heart of Normandy (north-west of France), our company DEREN & CIE, active company attentive to its customers, is still established in this place steeped in history.
All our services are centralized here in order to meet professionals' needs at best.

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A French environmentally responsible company

DEREN is a family business, a company full of traditions and prospects.

DEREN is a hotel linen brand dedicated to laundries, wholesalers, bakers, home centres, charming hotels and premium hotels.

Our workshops are established in Barentin in the heart of Normandy where the textile know-how dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

DEREN company comes from a long tradition of hotel linen manufacture since it has been created 130 years ago. Pascal Deren, now at the head of this family business, is descended from the 4th generation of entrepreneurs and takes over his father Daniel, his grandfather Carlos Deren and his great-grandfather Georges Deren.


DEREN company boasts a very old flax linen and cotton knowledge. Actually, it has been one of the last French independent textile companies of the Seine valley.

Customers appreciate Deren for its efficiency and rigor: tailor-made work, rapidity, attention and recommendation.

All along the years, DEREN has specialized in selling fashioned linen to meet professionals' needs in terms of bed linen, table linen and kitchen linen.

While keeping offices dedicated to fabrics in rolls for the clothing and furniture industry, our range of textile has extended to offer kitchen towels, aprons, bed sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths and also bath towels.


Even before the concept of sustainable development exists, our directors have already clearly included it into our strategy:

- To create, manufacture, sell, distribute our products to brighten housing up (quality of life improvement)
- To give priority in our choices and in our actions to people's wellness and to environment respect. (Environment protection to preserve our planet for future generations).


1887: Construction of a flax linen weaving factory in Barentin in Normandy on Carlos Deren's initiative, including a hundred of weaving looms and more than 300 workers.

DEREN 1887

1940: Destruction of the factory because of war bombings.

1951: Reconstruction of the factory and creation of cotton spinning mill.

1970: Deren company becomes the official supplier of La Poste, the French Army and great French hospitals.

1972: Gradual end of the weaving activity and relocation of our production abroad choosing meticulously our subcontractors.

1990's and 2000's: Development of our hotel linen and laundry linen activity.

January 2017: Birth of our web store for our range of bed linen 100% washed linen dedicated to private individuals www.deren1887.fr

DEREN 1887